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              Big Dave's Boomsticks

      Your friendly neighborhood arms dealer.

Welcome to my website. I am a "kitchen table" firearms dealer in rural Oklahoma. I operate on a part-time basis for now, which means my hours are flexible and mostly by appointment. I do maintain some inventory, which you will find here, and I will handle your FFL transfer needs or make special orders from my distributors. Generally you will find my pricing to be quite competitive, as I do not have the overhead of a brick and mortar storefront. And, because of my location, sales tax rates are lower here. If you are an Oklahoma resident this will save you 4% immediately. All rules regarding NICS checks, form 4473, and so on will be followed without exception. If you know you cannot pass a background check because you are a felon or whatever, please do not waste both of our time as I cannot sell a gun to you. For everyone else, though, let's do business. Prices are generally firm as listed; you will find them below MSRP if you do your homework. I do not accept credit cards. Cash is king. Checks and money orders must clear prior to shipment. Certified checks and USPS money orders are treated as cash. Transfer fee for incoming transactions $25.00. If you buy a gun from my inventory, transfer fee is waived. I will ship to other FFLs upon receipt of license copy, shipping cost is $40.00. Shipment to non-FFLs is illegal and will not occur, please don't ask. Shipping on non-firearm items is my actual cost and depends on the item and method of shipment, contact me for a quote.

Most guns these days have locks included in the box. However, if not, or in the case of a used gun, Federal law requires that I provide one. So, all guns will therefore have some kind of locking device.

Warranty on new guns: manufacturer warranty, unless otherwise specified. I do not warranty used guns, although I do check for proper function prior to listing or shipment.

Some of my inventory may not be legal in all states. Do your homework, know your local laws. Rejected transfers will incur a 25% restocking fee. 

I also carry ammunition, accessories, magazines, optics, and other goodies. My prices are low. I do not publish them here because they change frequently and I am too lazy to update them daily. Please use the form below to inquire about specific items. Because I do not have the expense of a storefront, my firearms prices will generally beat anyone else, period. If there is a specific gun you are interested in, I will do special orders, contact me below and request a price quote. You WILL save money.

NO firearms sales to California or New York. No firearm sales to CT, HI, MA, DC, NJ, or MD unless factory marked as compliant. The restrictive laws in these states make it to difficult to remain within the law without a lawyer on staff. Sorry. Move to a free state, or vote the bums out and elect better legislators. I wish you luck.

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